Error encountered with plot_function()

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Please could somebody tell me why this doesn’t work and how to correct it

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Julian,

Could you please be a bit more specific. I replicated the notebook and ran it without errors.



Hi Sahil

Many thanks for taking a look at this - much appreciated

It’s odd. In the version I shared there should be a cell

plot_function(f, ‘x’, ‘x**2’)


def f(x): return x**2

for some unknown reason it doesn’t seem to be showing up but it throws an error

NameError: name ‘plot_function’ is not defined

I’m using kaggle

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That’s strange!? The notebook is still the same from my end. If you are still having this issue could you try sharing the link to an updated notebook?

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Hi Sunil

Sorry about that. I think it was because I was including “commit” in the save instruction rather than just doing a quick save

Please could you try it now?

Many thanks, once again, for your help

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Ah, so I think that the function is not in any of the fastai modules anymore so you have to define it yourself. This should work.

def plot_function(f, title=None, min=-2.1, max=2.1, color='r', ylim=None):
    x = torch.linspace(min,max, 100)[:,None]
    if ylim: plt.ylim(ylim)
    plt.plot(x, f(x), color)
    if title is not None: plt.title(title)

To plot the function you can use: plot_function(f)

Hi Sahil

Many thanks for taking the trouble to help me with this. It is much appreciated

All the best


Hello Sahil. Thanks for this bug fix