Enhancement: Add a `max-scale` parameter to RandomResizedCrop

Hi all,

Before I open a tiny PR, I am going to post in the forums first :slight_smile:
I would like to add a max-scale parameter to the RandomResizedCrop(GPU) init function.
Then the only other change that has to be made is to sample from min_scale, max_scale and not like it currently is from min_scale, 1..
Why? In the self-supervised domain, multi-crop augmentation pipelines considerably improve performance. (see here)
In the multi-crop augmentation strategy, one generates high and low-resolution crops.
The low-resolution crops must be known for some methods and the crop method should therefore have a max-scale parameter.
One could use the touch vision transform as an alternative, but I am working with low-resolution images, and the single interpolation strategy from fastai sounds ideal for this scenario. :slight_smile:

By setting the default value to 1. there would be no breaking changes and the PR would be quite small.
But if it is possible, I would still like to create a PR and give something back.