End-to-end walkthrough revamped

One of nbdev’s major goals is to enable non-devs to publish reusable software in their domains :seedling:

We’ve reworked the walkthrough to include everything you need to know to get started, from installing Python :snake: to having your package’s own website :earth_africa:

Check it out here and let us know what you think in this topic: nbdev - End-to-end walkthrough

Many thanks to @Ezno for doing lots of the initial work on this!


This version is amazingly detailed and covered a lot more than the previous one! Thanks!


This is fantastic @seem,

The recent documentation improvements are just top notch. With the polish that has gone into nbdev the past few versions, it really feels like this project is ready to go mainstream.

:innocent: Before, I felt comfortable using nbdev to write production code.
:smiling_imp: But now, I do not feel guilty that my co-workers have to learn it.


Reporting my experience following the walkthrough.
At the section “Check out your workflows”, when I click on Actions I don’t see the following…

but see this instead…

I notice the fastai repo has a “workflows” folder…

which mine does not…

But the folder did exist in my local repo.
So to fix this I did the following…

$ git add -f .github
$ git commit -m'Add workflows'
$ git push

Without the “-f” it would error with…

The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files:

Interesting. .github isn’t in the nbdev-template .gitignore file. I noticed that your repo doesn’t have a .gitignore file either. Is it possible that you’ve configured a global gitignore?

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Spot on! I don’t remember doing it, but there it is.

$ cat ~/.gitignore


I guess at some point I decided it was good practice that hidden files/folders not be auto-committed, but not sure if thats recommended.

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