Edinburgh/Glasgow study group


I’m a student at the University of Edinburgh.

Anyone interested in a study group? I’d also be happy to have it in Glasgow if that’s more convenient for most people.

Cheers, Johannes

) Yes - I am in Edinburgh too - I work as a DBA for an SME in the Gyle and lived locally.
Very happy to have an excuse to head for (coffee shop?) in city centre? )
Feel judged for not making it to the the stream live live (

… equallyTIML had an online study group …https://youtu.be/J2QuPeO7MoI - same rtime zonwe would help though? )

Yeah let’s do that. Do you know anyone else in Edinburgh doing the course? I’ll pn you about when to meet.

Cheers and sorry for the late reply, uni was pretty stressful last weeks.

Sorry, I don’t know anyone else doing the course period - I tried to encourage colleagues … but failed …