Ebook vs videos - should I use both?

I intend to start my journey with fast.ai and I wonder: should I follow both the eBook and the videos, or I can stick with just one of them? the content is duplicated?

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You can get insights from the eBook and the video (I believe the videos were recorded later)…Perhaps you can read one chapter and skim through the video for new content…

I haven’t started the 2020 course yet but I can tell you from the 2019 course that Jeremy often goes into more detail in the videos than in the notebooks. The book on it’s own will be enough but personally I think that most people will get more out of it by also using the videos.

Also you’re posting in the 2019 forum which most people don’t notice anymore (also last year used a different version of fastai). I’ll move this to 2020 for you. Everyone starting out now is over there.


I recommend using both videos and book. Personally I first watched a lesson video and then read the corresponding chapter(s) in the book. I found it useful to get a first overview of the topic from the videos and then spend more time on it going through the book. Also, while reading the book I spent more time playing with the code and pause to explore some concepts in more depth.

As Jeremy points out in the book:

"Sometimes, seeing the same material in two ways can really
help to crystallize the ideas. In fact, human learning researchers have found that one
of the best ways to learn material is to see the same thing from different angles,
described in different ways."
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