Easy Install of Nvidia Driver

The first time I got my rig up and running the installation of the Nvidia driver for my graphics card was a pain, to say the least. I just discovered this “easy install” method, that actually lived up to it’s name, in my experience.

If you plan on using @Matthew 's Docker Container, you can skip manually installing CUDA and cuDNN. It worked great on my GTX series chip. This is the method I wish I knew about when I started!

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As an update, I just swapped out my 1060 for a 1070 ti. I went with a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and the above method did not work.

Here are the instructions that did work. They use the Ubuntu PPA method and do not require shutting down Xserver or creating a special file to blacklist Nouveau (open-source driver).

The only thing I changed was every instance of 370 with 390, to represent the latest release of the driver.

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I had a lots of problems with installing those drivers in Ubuntu. Finally found that link:

it doesn’t use apt-get to install - but official nvidia installers… finally was easy to follow…

pasting here as maybe someone will look for such info


Nvidia graphic card works well in case of gaming but after reinstalling my operating system, facing some driver related issue after long research I got the solution and fixed my all drivers related issue with ITL driver updater tool in few steps.