Dyalog APL keybindings practice deck for Anki

Hi all, I have created the initial version of the APL keybindings deck to practice backtick keybindings. Thanks to @Jeremy and @Ezno for helping me and guiding me in this endeavor. I intend to make another version of the deck which will have some basic documentation (kind of what you see when you look at the “primer” section of tryapl.org .

I already found a bug while practicing and fixed it, but I’m sure there are other mistakes, so if/when you find them, please mention it here and I will fix it in the repo.

There are two files, one is the binary, .apkg version which can be imported into Anki and the other is just a text file with the glyphs and their key combos. I believe this file can also be imported into Anki.

Please check out the files in the repo below: