Dont understand much

i watched the first lessons video once and also ran through the code on crestle(free hour).
but i dint understand half of the commands. does everyone have this problem or is it just me?
should we try to understand all the code before mving on to lesson 2?

Jeremy and Rachel mentioned the approach they take for the course is related to “the whole game”. That is, you see the big picture and you don’t really understand everything but you generally see how it works first. As you become more familiar, you can try to understand it more and more. Jeremy mentioned that people usually go through the course in a relatively quick pass and then watch the videos a couple of times after completing the course.I’d say just do a quick pass through it and you can always come back to it again to pick up some pieces you missed out on.

You will probably become more and more familiar with the commands as the class goes on but a trick Jeremy mentioned is to use shift tab to look at the arguments a method takes. Pressing it twice brings up the documentation. To view the source code you can put ?? before a function to see how something is built and what it does (Jeremy explains it better at 1:22:00). Also, I’m not really looking at the code too much right now, just mainly following along with the theory!

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