Don't see split_by_rand_pct

Trying to import the COCO_TINY dataset using the datablock api docs. split_by_rand_pct doesn’t seem to be available. Using v1.0.46.

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try random_split_by_pct :wink:


because of how quickly the library is evolving (and in general to become more dangerous with code, which is what we all want I suppose) there are two really cool tricks:

  • using an equivalent of exuberant-ctags for the editor of your choice (this is how I use them, I use vim)
  • becoming acquainted with grepping through the code base (grep -rni what_you_are_looking_for)

I am happy to help and here the response time was < 10 mins, adding the above to your repertoire might prevent you from getting stuck if there is no one online to give you a hand. Here, one could grep for ObjectItemList or one of the other function names and hope that random splitting lives somewhere close.

Other than that, there are also the docs that can be such helpful for such queries.

Again - don’t mind catching the fish for you, but also thought I’d share how to catch the fish in case you might find it useful! :slight_smile:


Yes, update your library, it was renamed split_by_rand_pct in v1.0.47 only. :slight_smile:


@radek oops should have seen that, thanks! Will try out your suggestions as well!

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