Does a machine of AMD radeon graphics supports for deep learning?

Hi everyone…! I’m new to deep learning and coding but now i’m very much interested to learn. My question is, my laptop which is of AMD radeon graphics, Is it ok for this course? if yes, how can i do. if not, what you will suggest.
thanks in advance.

I would hope so… I am in process of building my own AI m/c…I am using someone’s post as a template

Pls see attached

Unfortunately No, you need a Nvidia GPU to run most if not all current machine learning libraries, as they require CUDA and CUDNN to accelerate the computations.

You might be able to figure out running the libraries using a project like this one

but, I think that is more suitable to a advanced student/expert than someone who is just getting into ML.

Thanks alot for info…!

Just an update nearly all major frameworks such as tensorflow, Caffe, etc now have a AMD GPU supported branch.
Pytorch support is under way . you should be able to use any of such supported frameworks with ease now.
Check this :