Docs rendering as raw html, unsure how to debug

I created a repository using the template. I’ve made a couple other projects with nbdev before and the github pages have “just worked”, like this relational repo.

The repository I created is here and the docs that only render as raw html are here. I can’t find any errors at build time and everything seems to be up to date so I’m not sure what to try next to fix it.

Trying installing jekyll locally to preview. So far it renders exactly the same as on Github pages but I’ve got an error:

     Build Warning: Layout 'page' requested in core.html does not exist.
   GitHub Metadata: No GitHub API authentication could be found. Some fields may be missing or have incorrect data.
     Build Warning: Layout 'page' requested in index.html does not exist.


ERROR `/favicon.ico' not found. 

Seems like it might be what’s described on the nbdev_template:

It is important for you to spell the name of your user and repo correctly in settings.ini or the website will not have the correct address from which to source assets like CSS for your site. When in doubt, you can open your browser’s developer console and see if there are any errors related to fetching assets for your website due to an incorrect URL generated by misspelled values from settings.ini

But I don’t seen any misspellings yet.

I fixed this by making a fresh clone of the template repository and copying the docs folder on top of it and looking for differences. First thing I fixed was this:


There must have been some version difference with my local nbdev install and the template when I made it, although I can’t pin it down exactly.

Now I’m getting problems where it’s trying to render the documentation for joblib inside my docs? If I can’t fix this manually it might be worth moving the notebooks into a new template repository to start from scratch.

How are you setting up github pages? Is it building from root or the docs folder (check settings → Pages)

It’s building from docs:

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Did you ever find out how to fix the “Github Metadata” issue with “No Github API authentication could be found”? I cannot find any documentation on how to set this up correctly.