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Hello FastAI users :raised_hands:,

Think about the possibility of having an AI model marketplace having hundreds of thousands of pre-trained AI models. A marketplace specially designed for sharing/storing AI models where AI guys like us can share our trained models for all kinds of datasets and non-AI developers/startups can use/buy those models to create apps and solutions.

For each model, you can view verified stats like accuracy(or other metrics), inference time, etc. and can deploy on both server and edge devices :iphone: in one click.

Features/ Vision / Roadmap :face_with_monocle: :

  1. Interface - Analogous to an app marketplace. We will have tabs for CV, Text and speech, etc.
  2. Models can be deployed on both edge and server as per requirement.
  3. Data Agnostic - Multiple data types(2D images, 3D images, audio, video, etc.) and multiple data formats(protobuf, npz, jpeg, flatbuffers) will be supported for input and output pipeline.
  4. Backend Agnostic - Provide support for various backends like TF, Pytorch, TF-RT, Caffe.
  5. Verified stats - Accuracy(or/and other metrics) and inference time(various devices) will be shown will each model.
  6. Containerization - Dockerfiles/Images will be provided for ease of deployment.
  7. Deployment - Models can be easily integrated with deployment tools like Tensorflow serving, Clipper, Deepdetect, etc.

Future possibilities include -

  1. Automatic Framework interoperability using ONNX or similar tools.
  2. Auto model compression for deployment using quantization, pruning.

We at Dockship are making this concept to reality.

If you are a Data Scientist, developer or general tech enthusiast :man_technologist:, you are welcome to explore, download and try already uploaded models and upload your own models.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome :open_hands:. Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

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