Do we have credit from AWS?

I use AWS for the deep learning projects. I thought that I have credit from, but recently AWS charged $$ from my credit card.

Billing location:, WA
Category: Other Business/OfficePurchase
Mode: Manually Entered

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If you go to Billing Dashboard -> Credits, it will show you if you have credits left. AWS Credits was through a Promo code that they provided at the beginning of the course. So I am assuming that you submitted your information then and applied the $500 credit to your account.

You can also go to Billing Dashboard -> Bills to Look at Cost breakdown.

Finally, I would suggest you go to Billing Dashboard -> Budgets and setup an Notification once certain threshold is reached.

If you have run out of credits, then Paperspace might also be a good option. Check in the forums on how you might be able to setup a Fastai machine in paperspace or Crestle.


This is informative. I’ve run aws for 55+ hours.

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Thank you for your reply. I do provide my AWS ID at the beginning of the course. That is why I am asking why the $500 credit is not applied to my account.

So How can I get credit? Do you know the promo code for AWS?

Thank you in Advance!

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The process is, AWS provided Promo code that you would need to enter in your AWS Account before it will take effect. It’s not automatic. I would suggest you check this thread ($500 AWS credits for each student!) to see if you can find your promo code in the linked Google Sheet.

If you don’t see a code with your name / AWS id, it might be late to get the credits. You might want to consider or as they are cheaper but equivalent options with pre-installed fastai. There are separate threads that talk how to set them up.

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Thank you @ramesh.

I used the promo code and was hit with an expensive bill for the month of November so I probably didn’t do it right (I vaguely recall typing it into a textbox while requesting my instance from Amazon back in late October). I think maybe the promo isn’t for international students? But I later argued for a reduction in my bill. Mostly because when I use the console to shutdown my instance, it doesn’t actually do it. Many times, even after saying “Yes, I really want to shut down my instance”, I have to do it again. So there were a times early on when I had my instance running for days.

Anyway, Amazon was really understanding when I talked to them about my misunderstanding and confusion around the shutdown process, so maybe others hit with surprising bills can do so as well. I’m now looking into using Crestle.

I entered my AWS account info in “$500 AWS credits for each student!” thread, but today when I was trying to check the Google Sheet again to see if a discount code is available, I found this thread is no longer available. Can someone help to post the Google Sheet address again?

Thanks in advance!

Just want to double confirm.

Is the promotional credit still available (Today is March of 2018) ?

If available, how to get the promotional code ?

Thanks in advance !

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Is this credit still available now (April 2018)? Or is there any other cloud GPU credits in this scale we can use for (Not the $15 credit from Paperspace)