Do we have a page for decisions taken in fast ai?

I find it helpful if a library mentions the decisions that it has taken like the following

  • Numpy/Pytorch way is the right way
  • Top left and bottom right coordinates

Otherwise there are nuances of the library that are not mentioned anywhere and it becomes annoying to find them out later. If libraries have the nuances, style guide, abbrevations list in Intro page of the library then it becomes easier to use the library. If there isn’t a page already for the decisions taken like mentioned in the video I can go and add a new page. If it needs creation, please suggest an appropriate directory.


The best place for module-specific decisions would be in docs for the module. Something like ‘why pytorch’ is pretty well discussed in the blog post where we announced our use of pytorch, but it would be nice if it were linked to the docs.

We only started adding docs in the last couple of days so none of this exists as yet, and help is very welcome!


Didn’t see any particular structure so far. Added a module-decisions file

jupyter-lab’s live preview with split screen is really helpful for writing this documentation