Discord invalid link?

Hey people, I’m new here, was looking for all available resources for people taking the course. I tried to join the discord but got an invalid invite link, was wondering if anyone had any information about this.

I generated a new link:

Ahh, thank you, something was really messed up on my end with discord, I got it sorted.

This link seems expired. Could you regenerate a new link? Eager to join the discord channel. Thanks.

Here you go :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Grey-Shirt ! Sorry to bother you, but can we get a new Discord link? Current one doesn’t work

Thank you

Here’s a new link:

Sorry, the link expired again. Could you please help generate another one? @ForBo7 @Grey-Shirt

Here you go:

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It says expired too

Link says expired too

Hello! I would greatly appreciate a new link to the Discord.

Strange; the link seems to be working for me :thinking:

I generated a new one @ennui and @Oliver1. See if this works.

Same thing. Invite invalid or Expired.

I’m trying to consider if it’s possible I’ve been banned. I can’t recall ever being in the server before but there was an hack on my account a few months ago that led to spamming and got me kicked out of 1 or 2 servers. I’ve joined a number of servers since then with no issues tho.

My username is @seqaeon

Try this link instead. I’ve generated it differently.

Else, I’ll try to add you to the server through Discord then.

Same thing.

I’ll send you an invite through Discord. Let’s see if that works.