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Update from Jeremy: There is an official fast.ai Discord now, so please use this: https://discord.com/invite/xnpeRdg

I have taken it upon myself to setup a Discord server for fastai. I am surprised that such a server doesn’t yet exist, or if it does, I cannot find it. (I also looked on irc and slack).

For many people/situations chatrooms are a better medium. My intention is certainly not to fork the community, but to provide a place for people, who, like me, tend to infinitely idle in multiple chatrooms for things that I am interested in (old habits die hard).

A place for dumb questions with quick turnarounds, and, friendly chatter.

If you would like to join, the following link will allow you.

link removed since there’s an official discord now

Please note this is not in anyway sanctioned or “official” fastai support.

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this room is starting to get a tiny bit of traffic. 20 members with always at least a few online. Come join us!

@eof How do you think, is this thing more convenient than these forums or Slack? I have some experience with it but from my perspective, it lacks a few bits of helpful functionality.

I think its pretty similar to slack, except that its free with no limit to history and all that, it has seemed feature complete to me for anything I’ve needed. Which functionality is it missing for you? I picked discord just because I’ve come to like it and it’s free/popular/cross platform.

If there is a thriving slack fastai community I just wasn’t aware of it, and wouldn’t have made the discord.

I don’t see a chat room as a replacement for forums at all, just a supplement or another lens. For chat, although it can kind of do it, Discourse is much much worse, imo. The information density is far too low and the interface is just not optimized for it.

I think its better to keep things in once place and so that people can go back and find information easily.

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