Difference between Deep Learning course 1 and Deep Learning course 1 version 2(fast.ai lib)

Hi all, I am really excited to explore this course. I found this course after reading “Reddit” and “Quora” threads. When I went thorough the video lecture series, I noted that there are two version of Deep Learning course 1. I would like to the main difference between the two. As of my understanding, the new version uses a fast.ai library which helps to perform our tasks easily.

v2 uses pytorch and features updated techniques. We learn about cutting edge techniques that have not existed over a year ago when v1 was being recorded :slight_smile:

I liked the v1 course a lot though as well. If you have enough time to give to this, I would recommend to watch both. Otherwise, you probably should focus on v2.

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Hey Radek, thanks a great deal for your answer. As you suggest I try to strike a balance between the two. I purchased a subscription for paperservice which I beliebe that I can do both V1 and V2. Thanks again.

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