Difference between collaborating filtering and tabular

I was wondering to be sure what is different between collaborating filtering and tabular?
Because in Lesson 4, for Collaborating filtering example (LM) we have two columns.

I think the difference is in Tabular columns are independent but in Collaborating filtering are dependent on each other. is it correct?

I am not much into tabular data, but I am pretty sure the collaborative filtering is the method that fills in missing values in your table (like how person X may like movie M), making predictions for “holes” in your (sparse) table.
The term tabular is only used to describe that you’re working with data that has tables (structured data). So collaborative filtering is a method that works with tabular data, filling holes. You can probably do more magic than just collaborative filtering with tabular data. Since I think only collaborative filtering is discussed in the course, the two terms may appear as synonyms here occasionally.
Anyone please correct me if I’m wrong