Depth camera suit for self-driving car

Which depth camera would you recommend for self-driving car?Would like to use it to measure distance of
different objects. There are many camera out there, what kind of ability I should consider when choosing the depth camera for self-driving car?Thanks

I think a depth sensor would work the best.
But if you want to replace Camera+Radar with the Depth camera, Kinect works the best on small sized projects.

I’m working on a RPI3 based model and I’m using Camera+Ultrasonic sensor. When I’ll scale it up, I’ll use a Jetson TX-2 + Kinect camera(s).

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Thanks for you information.
If you want to deploy on real car, which depth sensor you would recommend?
Either lidar or depth sensor would not 100% accurate on distance measurement, what is their error range?
How much error(distance) can self-driving car tolerate?