Deployment boilerplate for fastai-v2


I’ve been working lately on a project which involved deploying a model in a more advanced way than what the tutorial shows (how to use it as an API and not just a web-app, how to build a mobile app using this model, how to make an image-to-image API and not just image-to-class, …).

The result is a repo that I hope can be useful for other people who wish to deploy fastai2 models. In particular, it features:

Btw, it’s also a good opportunity for me to thank here @muellerzr, since he helped me on the forum several times for this project, and I used his boilerplate as a basis for mine :slight_smile: .

Here are some screenshots of the app:

Please let me know if you have any comment or feedback!


I’ll be thanking you here, as server code is one of my greatest weaknesses right now (I just know the Render boilerplate) and I want to learn about API’s and what you have done here, so thank you :smiley: