Deploying segmentation model to unity using barracuda

Hey! I have used the notebook for the camvid lesson and then trained it on my own data.
The notebook can be seen here

Hi. I have created a onnx file after building an image segmentation model that works to segment feet.
I am unable to figure out how to deploy this to unity.

The model is based on this notebook.

I used the same method and exported the model to onnx format.

Would you able to point me to a direction where I can do this ?

I need to use Barracuda for unity. This requires me to write how prediction should happen myself. Some examples on how classification was done is here

Is there a python file that I can look at to do the same for the resnet model I have trained.
The model works as described in this picture to segment foot

Hey I have the same kind of challenge. Deploying a model on Unity. Did you get an idea on how to do it?