Deploy a webapp from a model built on PaperSpace Gradient

I created and trained my own model based on the lesson2-download notebook of the Fast AI course.
My notebook file, model and data (images) are all stored in a PaperSpace Gradient Notebook.

I now want to create and deploy a webapp from it. Just like the Cougar-or-not of simonw.

I created a project locally on my Mac that I plan to push to Heroku or another hosting service.

For my webapp, I need my model file and all my images. I downloaded the model file from PaperSpace but no way to download en masse the folder containing all the images I used to train my model. (no options on PaperSpace)

I feel I am not doing the things correctly here. What am I missing? Can I deploy a webapp directly from PaperSpace? How can I download entire folders from my PaperSapce notebook?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi myself from 2 days ago!

Here is the answer to your question :wink:

Use PaperSpace Gradient to host and run your Notebooks but when it is about deploying an App, follow the great tutos of
They contain boilerplates for each platform and work like a charm!

Have a great day.



While you were running your notebooks and storing models on PaperSpace, how did you download the export.pkl file from PaperSpace to your local machine to run?

If anyone has this same question, you just have to go into your Jupyter environment (while using PaperSpace Gradient), and click on the export.pkl and there should be a “Download” button at the top.