Demystify Python Charts -- A Hackable Step-by-step Jupyter Notebook

Welcome to the “Python 2D Graphs” (p2go) project. It is a hackable, step-by-step for creating a 2D graph Python-object.

I classify the “p2go” as a “sandbox” or “toy” project. In other words, it is a fun, experimental project focusing on solving one problem. The problem is I spend a lot of time studying data, e.g., images, text, and audio. I am fatigued from using other people’s graphs or library packages, e.g., Bokeh or Ggplot2. I want to build my own using “numpy” and “matplotlib.”

I intend to create more charts and use “p2go” to plot graphs that are not in books, whitepapers, or blogs. It doesn’t matter if the benefits are immediately apparent, such as why satisfy drawing the “Imagenet Cosine Proximity” chart like everyone else. Why not graph the “Image Tangent Proximity” chart or throw in the Softmax function before creating the graph?

The salient point is, why not do it yourself. You can start with a fun sandbox project, learn the basics, and improve your original-thinking rather than memorizing terminology and regurgitating how other people are doing it.

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The latest bonus update is the “Butterfly parametric” equation. - 9/21/2020