Dell T5500 ai build

My goal is to build an AI rig that is near a K80 on the cheap.

My rig: Dell T5500 2xE5520 Zeon 2.27 GHz 8c/16t 24 GB memory on a 250 GB SSD no GPU’s CPU only.

I want to publish a benchmark comparing my rig to Kaggle and Colab GPU’s along with various configurations:

  1. 2x X5580 8c/16t 3.20 GHz.
  2. 48 and 72 GB memory.
  3. 2x 500 SSD’s
  4. 2x X5680 12c/24t 3.33 GHz.
    My plan for Colab is to setup a notebook to setup Fastai.
    Then run a notebook for benchmarking.

All will be published on Github.

I’ve encountered issues with Colab so I will focus on Kaggle.

Any help would be appreciated.

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