Deleted data folder by mistake


I deleted the data folder by mistake. Where can I download the data folder now?

@praveengk - It would help to be more specific. Which data folder and where? In Crestle or local or another place? Also, do a pwd to show what folder you are currently on.

Few pointers - If you are inside a git repo, you can find out by doing git status. If you see data folder as deleted, you can do git checkout -- . (to reset changes). But that will only work if you did git clone. If it helps, please also add screenshots. You can drag them to the posts directly.

@ramesh Thanks for the response. I am in the home folder (in paperspace). In the git repo, the data folder is just a symbolic link to the data folder under the home folder. I deleted the data folder under home.

I am not sure what files are in the data folder. If it’s not too much trouble, you could spin up a new instance from paperspace and use that. Or see what files you might have deleted from data folder and copy them via SCP or other tools. If you are getting started, it might be easiest to just spin up a new Paperspace instance and abandon the current instance.

I assume you mean the default data folder. You can reinstall it by:
unzip -q

If that doesn’t work, I would follow Ramesh’s suggestions.