Deep learning workshop video

There is a 4 hour deep learning workshop available which goes through the basics of all the tools you need, nearly all of which are relevant to this class too. Here is the lesson video.

Here is what’s covered in the workshop, along with links directly to the time-code in the video where that topic is discussed. Feel free to jump directly to any topic that you’re interested in learning more about. NB: do not share this video outside class.

00:00 : Windows setup
04:03 : Mac setup
09:23 : Initial AWS setup
20:26 : Initial Paperspace setup
45:24 : Initial Crestle setup
53:07 : Using the terminal
1:02:01 : Anaconda on laptop
1:11:50 : Pros and cons: Crestle, AWS, Paperspace, laptop, workstation
1:30:52 : Introduction to Jupyter notebooks
2:06:05 : Introduction to numeric programming in Python
2:27:38 : ssh into Paperspace
2:48:11 : ssh into AWS
3:11:49 : Machine Learning Foundations


When I try to access jupyter notebook from web browser by putting the url served after running the command in WSL (windows Subsystem for Linux)
jupyter notebook
I get localhost refused connection error