Deep Learning with PyTorch textbook - study group

Hi guys,
As you may know, 4 days ago the full version of the Deep Learning with PyTorch book was released. It’s a great book and I think we can learn a lot from it. I thought it could be a good idea to learn it in a group and discuss different issues about it. We have now about a month until the release of the @jeremy book on Fastai and to the release of the new version of the course, so I think we can strengthen our understanding of the PyTorch fundamentals in this time to be perfectly ready for the new course. I highly recommend to download the book and take a look at it:
Link to download the book: download

You can also read my first Medium post on the third chapter of the book here (Thank you Jeremy for giving me the courage to write blog posts!)

I would be really thankful if you comment on my Medium post because it is the first time I’m writing one.

So if anyone is interested in studying this book in the group, post under this thread to talk about it.
Thank you


Hi Moein,

Thanks for your post. I’m glad someone brought this up. I have been reading this book from last week and was not consistent with my pace. Studying with someone would be helpful. I’ve completed Chapter-1 and is currently on ch-2. Would post here when I find something interesting to share or have some doubts.

Happy learning :slight_smile:


Hey Anshul,
Thank you for your reply. I believe learning in a group helps a lot too. I’m some chapters ahead and I highly recommend you to keep on studying because everything gets so interesting in the coming chapters and you can learn to look at deep learning fundamentals from a different angle which helps a lot to correct and build upon the intuitions we have gained so far.
I’m going to post the amazing things I find in the book in this thread and I hope it helps you and others. Also we may come across some parts that we don’t get and we can ask them here to discuss them in group

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