Deep Learning textbook (Ian Goodfellow et. al.) Study Group

Hey guys,
I was thinking about starting to study Deep Learning textbook by Ian Goodfellow et. al.
I do like to do this in a group with motivated people. We can have online sessions to study it in a group or review the things which we did not get by ourselves. Also, we can study related papers beside it to make our understanding and paper reading skill more robust.

I’m a medical student and I do not have rigorous math background; so, I was planning to do some of Khan academy linear algebra and calculus courses in parallel to the book as well. So if you are like me, do not worry, we can learn this together as well. :sunglasses: And if you are good at math, I would be really grateful to have you in the group as well because I know I can learn a lot from you. :wink:

After all, I would be really happy to know if you are interested and I look forward to learning from you guys and of course the book!


I’m interested. This textbook has been on my reading list for some time and having a reading group may finally motivate me to start it.


Thank you Mateusz, that’s great.
I created a Slack workspace. if you are okay with it, please join to talk about how to coordinate our study.
We can use other media as well if Slack is not good.

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Just to update.
We just started the book on the first chapter and planned to read one chapter per week (at least for now! maybe more later on).
We will be really grateful if more people join us and I’m sure we can learn a lot together. Thanks in advance

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Hi @moein,

We are also starting on chapter 1 of the deep learning book this week!

We just completed reading the article “The Matrix Calculus You Need for Deep Learning” in preparation for reading the deep learning book and we’ve been meeting regularly every Wednesday at 6PM-9PM PST (since March 2020) over at the fastai discord server.

We’d love for more people to join!

We basically start at 6PM just to check in and spend 2.5 hours reading followed by a discussion for 30-45 minutes starting at 830PM. We usually try to prepare questions while reading and go around the group discussing the answers.

Here’s the link to the fastai discord server

Hope to see you there!

Best regards,

ccing @tyoc213 and @marii

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This sounds like a great idea!

Would join but want first to finish the FastAi course as I wouldn’t have time to do both the course and read a chapter a week of the book.

Good luck. Maybe I’ll create such a study group when I finish the course.


Good Luck!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to announce the schedule of our group so that other people who are interested can join us.
Our sessions will be held on Sundays at 17 PM CET.
In the next meeting, we are going to discuss chapter 2 of the book which is about Linear Algebra.
If you are interested, please join the Slack group.