Deep Learning reading group 2024

Hello everyone :wink:,
our “deep learners” (Discord) study group originated last year and was focused on learning part 2 of the Fast.AI course. Since then, we had open-ended weekly meetups and discussed personal projects during the weekend, covering diverse topics and ideas with many new members joining.

Now our group wants to create a new weekly reading group, where we try to cover a new paper every week. There are many different topics we could go over, and we would like to choose those concepts that interest most people in the group on a rolling basis. So each week, one of us will present a deep learning paper and give everyone the opportunity to learn about new concepts, discuss ideas and think about everything related to deep learning. You don’t have to present a paper, you can also just join to listen or be part of the discussion.

The goal is to learn how to read papers efficiently and to learn interesting deep learning concepts directly from the source.

Sounds interesting to you? Then go ahead and fill out the following short form. It asks you for your interests and what timezones work best for you.

Also feel free to ask questions or provide feedback on the format :grin:


The discord link expired, can you share another invite?

Here you go