Deep Learning on Apple Silicon

Anyone thinking about doing this? New chips outperforming Intel. My only personal reservation where this would be more for my day-to-day (non-AI, VR stuff, mainly other web-dev and computational design) than a complete replacement for my custom build PC with a 3080.

I agree, I think it’ll be more of a day to day replacement (Partially or completely) than a complete PC replacement :slight_smile:

M1 has 1080 performance, really promising.

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Looks interesting :thinking: I still don’t think that it’ll replace our workflow or setups…yet :slight_smile:

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Interesting read from the Tensorflow team

Unified memory means a future mac with better performance and 64 gb ram will be able to run models you can only run on the most expensive Nvidia cards now. An ML workstation for the price of a Titan.
Really exciting to think of what lies ahead.

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