Deep learning & ML jobs at Khosla Ventures companies

Hi all -

I’m an operating partner at Khosla Ventures, where we’ve invested in lots of companies that are already extending the frontiers of science with deep learning, and I would love to be helpful by recruiting some of you to join them.

For example, our portfolio company AliveCor has been working with the Mayo Clinic to use deep learning on electrocardiogram data (ECG/EKG) to detect whether a patient has excess potassium concentration in their blood, without ever actually drawing blood.

We are also investors in Vicarious, where they are inventing learning methods more generalizable than standard deep reinforcement learning. See for example which describes “zero-shot” generalization – training in one regime and performing in a new regime with no additional training. It’s pretty amazing.

The full list of our companies is quite long as we’ve invested many billions in the last 10 years or so (including an early investment in Kaggle).

If interested, please send your resume and linkedin profile to and I’ll make best efforts to connect you with a company that would enjoy having you on board! In your note please include

  1. your kaggle / github profiles if applicable
  2. the geographic areas you’re interested in (our companies are concentrated in the SF bay area, but some are in exotic locations like New Zealand, Israel, and Texas)
  3. industries/applications you’re excited about
  4. technologies you’re proficient in or excited about
  5. current progress through the courses

I’m not sure to what extent this will destroy my inbox, so if you don’t hear back quickly please assume that I’m working on it and my good intentions have outpaced my ability to execute.