Deep Learning Meetup in San Francisco, Jan 22


Second meetup (Jan 29): #2: Deep Learning Meetup in San Francisco, Jan 29

Hello everyone, I’m hosting a deep learning meetup at USF on Monday, January 22 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Here’s the meetup page:

Members come with their deep learning projects and topics to discuss them, and to give and receive help. We organize into small groups to make sure everyone has a chance to discuss what they care about. People new to deep learning are welcome and appreciated.

Here are some reasons a member might come to this meetup:

  • For company: They want some company while studying deep learning or working on a deep learning project.
  • To get unstuck: They need some help with a deep learning concept or project.
  • To teach: They want to help others understand or make progress on a deep learning concept or project.
  • To meet people: They want to meet people who are interested in deep learning.


  • Come with a concept or project. It might be one you’d like to understand better, or one you’d like to help others understand better.
  • Jump in. Find a partner or group. If you’re having trouble with this, find Matt and he’ll help you.
  • Share time well. Remember that members of your group might have a concept or project they’d like to discuss.

USF Data Institute
101 Howard St · San Francisco, CA
Room 155

Monday, January 22, 2018
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


This should be a great resource for students and anyone in the bay area looking to practice their skills :slight_smile:

Thanks Matthew! I have been looking for a deep learning meetup. See you there!

@Matthew how did it go? What are your plans from here?

It went well, but people didn’t seem ready to jump into coding, and some didn’t bring laptops. On the brighter side, one group (of about 5 or 6 people) signed up for the Data Science Bowl. And a few people were really excited about the meetup and plan to come every week. 15 out of 40 who RSVP’d showed up.

My plan from here is to host a recurring Kaggle meetup instead of a general deep learning meetup. This should orient the meetup toward coding. I’ll write on the event page, “All are welcome. If you’re new, we’ll help you get started with Kaggle. If you’re competing, we can trade ideas.”

I’m hosting a second deep learning meetup (not Kaggle) on the 29: #2: Deep Learning Meetup in San Francisco, Jan 29

I’d switch it to Kaggle but people already signed up for it.

Hi Matthew,
I am just about ready to start the DL4Coders -2018 PT1 (PyTorch) version. Though I live in the bayarea it will be a bear for me to commute to the city. Any possibility of live streaming this event so it could be accesible for a wider audience. Esp, considering that this will be oriented more towards Kaggle competitions and how to compete and do well.


Hi Ananth, I decided to ease into Kaggle and not host a Kaggle meetup yet. I’m still at the “bring your laptop” phase.

Live streaming won’t work for this event, since it’s an event of multiple small groups. However, if we end up doing lightning talks, live streaming or at least recording would be a good idea.