Deep Learning / Machine Learning job

(Vishnu Subramanian) #1

HI all,

I recently joined a early stage startup which is working on machine learning / Deep learning projects in NLP , ML , Recommendation systems . We are based out of Bangalore , India. If any one is interested to work with us or to know more about us , please send your profile to .

Preference would be given for folks who have completed the part-1 of


(Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude) #2

Do you mean remotely ?

(Vishnu Subramanian) #3

Nope. We currently are looking for Bangalore , India

(Bhabani) #4

@VishnuSubramanian Oh I see. I am currently working in a startup already here at Bangalore. Good luck.

(ecdrid) #5

I am interested provided I am not too lateā€¦