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HI all,

I recently joined a early stage startup which is working on machine learning / Deep learning projects in NLP , ML , Recommendation systems . We are based out of Bangalore , India. If any one is interested to work with us or to know more about us , please send your profile to .

Preference would be given for folks who have completed the part-1 of



Do you mean remotely ?

Nope. We currently are looking for Bangalore , India


@VishnuSubramanian Oh I see. I am currently working in a startup already here at Bangalore. Good luck.

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I am interested provided I am not too late…

Here Are Some Deep Learning & Machine Learning Jobs:
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientist
Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer
Computational Linguist
Software Developer
Cybersecurity analyst
Cloud Architect for ML
Robotics Engineer
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Machine Learning is that the field of study that offers computers the potential to be told while not being expressly programmed. cc is one in every of the foremost exciting technologies that one would have ever bump into. because it is clear from the name, it offers the pc that produces it additional kind of like humans: the flexibility to be told. Machine learning is actively being employed these days, maybe in more places than one would expect.

The term Machine Learning was coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959, Associate in Nursing yankee pioneer within the field of laptop recreation and AI, and explicit that “it offers computers the flexibility to be told while not being expressly programmed”.
And in 1997, Tom Mitchell gave a “well-posed” mathematical and relative definition that “A malicious program is claimed to be told from expertise E with regard to some task T and a few performance live P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with expertise E.

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