Deep learning forum access now available

I’ve now given you all access to the ‘Part 1 v2’ private category that’s used for the new deep learning course. Hope you’re able to join us!

Also, please do feel free to join in the discussions over on that forum. There’s no need to specify you’re an MSAN student, or in any way act deferential to or feel intimidated by the other folks in that forum - this is a great chance for you to practice interacting in a professional way with other professionals, and to see how they interact with you and each other.

Remember, many of them are totally new to data science, so they’ll think that you’re pretty awesome because you’re graduate students in data science! :smiley:

(If you’re not, you’ll still be able to watch the videos, of course. But joining the course in person will give you a chance to interact with lots of interesting people - there’s many startup founders, company execs, and top developers joining the class.)


thanks @jeremy !