Deep Learning for Max/MSP

Hi Everyone,

I recently started the course and I am enjoying it very much.

As a musician I know that most people in my field work with a software called Max/MSP
I was wondering if there is a way to implement a model trained with in Max MSP. It would be great if there was a way to have more support for Max MSP since it will help a great number of musicians and artists who want to work with Deep Learning but don’t know how to combine it with their current practice.

Any reply related to this topic is appreciated!

have you seen Magenta Studio from Google? They use Tensorflow.js, and connect it to Max via Electron.js and Max for Live. Check out this paper for details:

or just go to

i’d love to see fastai implemented in Max, especially for real-time applications. I’m not sure how we would go about it, either via a similar javascript route, or maybe through a C++ external?