Deep learning for gambling on boxing -- getting a 22.5% return on investment :D

Hi all,

I am an alumni of the first round of Jeremy Howard’s class, and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

I used deep learning to build a MLP which ultimately allowed me to put together a system for gambling on boxing. Is this what Jeremy had in mind for his illustrious alumni? Ummm…maybe not exactly…but I’m happy to say I’ve gotten amazing results.

The TL;DR is this:

“The model, with a decision threshold of 0.90, was given the opportunity to place 679 bets. It chose to place thirteen bets, winning all but one. With an initial hypothetical investment of $1,300 ($100 per bet), it won $292, which represents a ROI of 22.5%.”

Who needs Bitcoin when there’s this opportunity for speculation? :smiley:

I would be thrilled if anyone wanted to read my blog posts about it. And even more thrilled if anyone would comment and give me accolades/spankings for mistakes.

It’s a set of 3 posts:

Also, I wanted to say that I’m going to be coming back to retake the course again. The first time around was so fun that I couldn’t resist coming back to do it all again. This time in PyTorch? Let’s do this!


One of the things I wanted to try was to apply this thing on bwin, for football (or “soccer” as American folks call it) bets… But never had the passion and time to go with it (and squad stats are tougher to manage than single-“player” sports).
I’ll read your post now!

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Thanks David! I’d recommend reading the 3rd post first, it’s the most interesting for sure.

using deep learning in the field of sports betting is something that I find quite interesting too

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Here’s a good source of data Check it out. I find it for the machine learning as well but ended up gambling there :smiley:

I’m a beginner among the beginners in MA but from the first look the website is a pile of messy code. Is it even possible to pool anything from there?:thinking:
It seams that if you want to find a real casino with transparent code this one would be the pick ? Am I right?

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