Deep Learning Events

(john v) #21

Hi Everyone,

Is there any one who is doing the Fast.AI course in Brisbane, Australia?

I’m looking to get a group together.



(Brendan Fortuner) #22

Anyone going to ODSC? 60% ATM.

(Pierre Guillou) #23

Hello @brendan and @johnnyv,

I just posted a message about sharing feedbacks about Meetup groups using the material to teach Deep Learning. I plan to do it here in Brasilia (Brazil) in the Deep Learning Brasilia Meetup group.

If you have time to share your own experience here and give advices, it would be great :slight_smile:

Do you have a list of Meetup groups using videos ?


(QuantScientist) #24

Applied Deep Learning Bi-Monthly

(Pierre Guillou) #25

Hello @brendan and @johnnyv,

a message just to tell you that we finally started our Deep Learning study group in Brasilia :slight_smile:

We started with the Fastai part 1 :slight_smile: