Deep Learning Events

Let’s use this wiki thread to keep track of upcoming conferences, Meetups, and hackathons in the Bay Area and elsewhere related to deep learning, data science, and AI. We can carpool, meet at the event, or simply discuss.

Here are a few to start. This thread is a wiki so feel free to edit my post!


Conferences (list of conferences)
Think Big Festival Aug 4&5 2017, Coeur D’Alene Idaho



I’ll be speaking at

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It looks like there are some good Kagglers at the company in the bay area. Here are some top 100 competitors I found in the Bay Area, but perhaps this sort of talk can be organized through the local Kaggler’s meetup.

Deepgram is putting on a deep learning hackathon at General Assembly in SF, March 24-26. Google Brain and Baidu will be there and we’ll have top A.I. peeps doing office hours to give advice.


I have signed up for “AI by the Bay” where Jeremy is speaking. Amazing bunch of speakers.


If you live in Perth, Australia there is a group of us going through part 1 of the course. Currently up to lesson 4. We meet up on Thursday nights at 6pm on St Georges Terrace in the city.

Message me if you want to come along!




Just applied! Thanks for sharing it looks awesome.

I’ve also applied and I’ll report back if I get accepted. Maybe we can form a team.

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I just got the acceptance email yesterday. Will anyone else be there?

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Yes just got it too! I’ll definitely be there. We should sync up prior and brainstorm ideas and datasets.

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I thought they were going to provide datasets. If we wanna go with our own ideas, I propose using Kaggle datasets. I’ve already started on a couple of the Kaggle competitions – the Nature Conservancy fisheries monitoring, and the data science bowl lung cancer detection. I’m interested in the YouTube video understanding one, too.

Interesting hands-on meetup on Sunday.

A group of people playing with Google’s magenta project – generating art.

If anyone’s in Munich, Germany, or Germany for that matter, give me a shout! :slight_smile: We can do some Stammtisch meetups.

Meetup Tuesday on Vicarious AI’s Generative Models

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Thanks for organizing the event!

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Thanks Jeff and congrats on the Titan X win!

There were so many talented people working on great projects. It really made the DLHackathon a success. We had a blast meeting everyone and can’t wait for next one :slight_smile:


Great idea. I’m trying to get together a group of Deep Learners in Toronto. If you know anyone here looking to meet up regularly and learn together, send me a message!

Kaggle: Dstl Satellite Imagery Feature Detection. 3rd place solution
Check out this Meetup with San Francisco Kagglers

I’m also attending this AI Startup Weekend in Seattle, for the Seattle folks here.

Anyone else in the Bay Area confirmed for the upcoming A.I. Genomics Hackathon ( ?