Deep Learning Book - video summaries

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Pretty sure everyones heard of the deeplearning book. So for those people who are interested in learning the book or have doubts with some of the lessons, so there was a review session that was organised and the videos were uploaded by Alena in San Fransico, where every chapter was reviewed among a discussion group over there. The sessions were recorded and uploaded by her. So I just made a playlist so that people dont have to search for them since they were under different nomenclatures. So yeah, here’s the link to the playlist for any of u who are interested:

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Very thoughtful to share! Thank you…:slight_smile:

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I just wish I could keep up with the maths. Everytime I open my copy I find myself closing the book to find an easier approach to what is explained in this book :frowning:

Yeah I know what you mean. Once you learn the techniques in a code-first way, I find it’s easier to go back and understand the math.


I highly recommend watching the videos with the book. The presenters often made new slides to streamline comprehension of the concepts. They also often provide the intuition behind the math which helped me a lot. Alena is an amazing alumna!

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Thank you for the videos. Much appreciated. Can you also share the link to the book please?