Deep Learning at Hackathons?

Any interest in participating in one of these AI hackathons in SF? I’m curious to see if we can apply these deep learning techniques to real-world problems given a time constraint.

More generally, what is your opinion on using deep learning techniques at hackathons? Is it even possible?


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If only I was in SF, I would love to go. I’m already using my laptop at work, using my desktop as the server, so it should work, provided you kept the sample size small enough.

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Yes. It is possible with making clever uses of pre-trained models. In fact, I tried using one this weekend for a Hackathon (sadly we couldn’t finish in time).


There should be provision for online teams. Or Someone can attend physically and others work remotely and communicate with slack

@geniusgeek For online participation, there is a “virtual global” category in the ticketing ($15), but you have to participate for the entire 3-day event.

@brendan I’d be interested to participate but I can only do it online.

@brendan I might be interested in the second one — I’m local to SF but I may be traveling at that time, so hopefully I can join one way or another.

On a side note, anyone know if people in this class are interested in meeting up in person in SF (or ig this is something that is already happening)?

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Yes! We had group meeting regularly during part I. It was very helpful. I’ll send something out on slack. Jeremy also might split us into teams so you’ll have another resource there.