Deep Fake Detection Challenge

I am very much looking forward to this. What do you think?


Sounds very interesting. I think we can leverage some of the looking into the model in Part 2 to see where the mistake occurs and potential ways of fixing it

Seems quite interesting! I hope it is framed to be logic intensive and not compute-intensive which only few can participate vigorously.

I’m really interested in the challenge and I’ll probably participate :slight_smile:

Sounds like an interesting topic/challenge! I’ll keep watching this thread for some updates :slight_smile:

Looks like the challenge itself starts in December, launched at NeurIPS.


Initial dataset has been released

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Now on Kaggle …


Yes, I am interested in what ever is being defined as “deepfake” since its a very much something I’d like to better understand. The kaggle/facebook task is totally worth taking a look IMHO, nice prize money up for grabs

Google also released a deepfake dataset a couple of months ago

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Yes, this sounds like a great challenge to work on.

Here’s FaceForensics++ and here is another research paper for DeepFake detection.

Wondering if anyone is interested in forming a team to get started on this competition and perhaps try and implement ideas mentioned in the research papers?

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Given the constraints for the notebooks and the dataset sizes mentioned-it should be a very interesting one! :tea:

This seems like it might be pretty compute-intensive, which is pretty disappointing.

@ilovescience :wink:

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I’m interested to make a team ! I have already started implementing some papers like this one. This will be a very interesting challenge !

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Ah yes! That’s great! I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that MesoNet and Capsule methods have shown best results in DeepFake detection, so that’s a great start!

Can I join?

Sure !

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Not sure if this works but AWS gives thousands in credits for this comp. I emailed them and awaiting their response .

All participants will be able to request a minimum of $1,000 in AWS credits to get started, with additional awards granted in quantities of up to $10,000 as entries demonstrate viability or success in detecting deepfakes. Participants can visit to learn more and request AWS credits.

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can you let me know what they say please?

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Can I join too? Sent you a linkedin inv!

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