Debate about use AI in detection covid from X-Ray


I would say pretty interesting and also give some light on use of ai

Ultrasound look very promising :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised about general resistant to AI and a new approach to diagnosing of COVID-19.
I understand the hesitation when you lunch a new drug.

But using CT, X-ray or ULTRASCAN as support to current detection method could work in a lot of cases especially for patients in advance stage. It’s lobbing or stupidity and crime against humanity.

Not even saying that ML it is proven to be more accurate then human in medical imaging !!!

AI approach is definitely worth of trying.
This is the largest medical case series by that time on the CT findings of COVID-19 pneumonia worldwide

Btw has all covid related publications freely available.

As a radiologist I am interested in applying AI to CTs and x-rays. I do not think that making the diagnosis of COVID on CT is difficult. The few COVID cases I have seen, the appearance of COVID was typical. I think that the opposition to using CT for diagnosis is based on the availability of CTs. After scanning a patient with suspected COVID, depending to the air exchange in the CT room, the room need to be closed for 1 to 5 hours for decontamination before the next patients.

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