Dating Around

When I got jilted out of a game beta testing job because I can code, it’s only apropos I found an exploit that gave me like 200 stamina to their 10 sort of thing for extended playtime while I mapped out the game; strategy I use in my military agenda to conquer the planet. Having fun, I coded an online Boss Timer calculator using a shared example I found online for the 24-hr offsets which I had to fix with my own line of code right after implementing it flushed out the GMT time zone offset omission during Daylight Savings changeover. I also found that Explorer and Firefox used different formats when saving Date objects making portability an issue. All of this and more led me to the joke, “Programmers don’t know how to date.”

Dating Around refers to a fictitious pornographic game idea I toyed with for in 2007 that I’d like to reimagine today as an AI-driven dating service. How might potential loved ones react in virtual encounters? Games within games, with a nosy doxbot to keep folks in check.

I live on social media, and for several months now have been pushing Deep Learning biology for the BRAIN Initiative. For a few hours now I’ve been poking the bear, so to speak, about how under my administration we’d find the NVIDIA GPU bottleneck unacceptable, especially since the top chips are selling out to personal profit crunching block-chains rather than greater understanding crunching intelligence analysis.

Can I broker a military AI chip contract by proxy? I got the news blackout covering Dolly the cloned sheep lifted, but during that debate with DoD I was ordered to stand down trying to discuss brain implant technology, but eventually in 2005 a Wikipedia editor credited my paper as the basis for their brain implant article. Here’s the latest draft. It’s a terrible shame the hippies forgot about José Delgado’s remote-controlled people. I’m trying to bring civilians up to speed from the viewpoint of a pauper. If I’m schizophrenic, it’s only because when the intrusive thoughts began, they first explained V2K and cyborgs.

This is where someone will surely use the expression “tinfoil hat”, so let me jump the gun to MIT’s study that found that, well indeed, aluminum foil does amplify the signals allocated to the government and FCC, so they conclude the tinfoil hat idea was most likely a government conspiracy from the beginning.

I mean, when you’ve got CIA Acoustic Kitty cats running around snooping on whatever happens to be around it, all sorts of intelligence can be gathered. The DEF CON 22 Weaponizing your pets presentation was awesome! When the Canadian television series “Intelligence” meets the US television series “Intelligence” folks like me get to stop domestic terrorists with go go gadget lip reading. Here’s a mashup I compiled to help explain cyborgs featuring the trailer to the recently released Acoustic Kitty short film. Now while human military cyborgs are cool, I’m partial to the remote-controlled fruit flies as per my Spoof story about them spying on the White House.

Here’s an early RFID device created by Leon Theremin to spy on the U.S. Embassy. Most people know Theremin by the novel electronic antenna musical instrument made glamorous by musicians like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Processing countless conversations in real time is of essential concern across numerous obscure dialects, including animal species, but before you go all 3-2-1 launch, please don’t pull an Oregon exploding whale mess of it all as shown in the introductory 1995 University of Washington C++ course as the entirety to the section on project management.