Datablock for multiple inputs

Noob here. Pardon if this is already covered elsewhere. I am trying to build a certain model:
Inputs: one Image, two float values which are metadata
Output: one float value

Does the DataBlock API allow me to do this directly?

I have a hunch the solution has got something to do with fastai - Vision learner

Not able to find examples or explanations. Hmm…

Jeremy has an example notebook for a similar task i.e. Multi target :

Had seen that. It shows image input along with category input, not continuous input. I did a naive try with a RegressionBlock as input, but that did not work.
Thank you for the tip, though

I guess you just need a TransformBlock that loads a torch floatTensor. Does this discussion help?

I think TransformBlock is the way to go, thank you for that. The example you pointed to seems a little too advanced for my current level of experience with python/ai/fastai/etc

I am checking out