Data review of the cough-on-a-petri-dish paper. Anybody willing to check my thoughts?

Some time ago, Jeremy tweeted about a few flaws in the paper examining viral loads of patients coughing 20cm away from petri dishes (it’s the paper he talks about here but he had tweeted about it before). I used that paper and his tweets as a basis to do a mini workshop at my workplace on common traps to avoid when analysing data.

I converted the notebook I used into a post that I planned to publish on my blog, but since I have a huge impostor syndrome and given the sensitive topic, I would really appreciate some extra pair of eyes checking that what I am saying is correct before merging and sharing.

The notebook can be found here. A word of warning: at a computed reading time of 27 minutes, the resulting post is probably longer than the paper itself

I went ahead and posted it ( )

I have a PhD in math, but I my experience working with data is limited. I sincerely hope I did not make any horrible mistake.