Data based Neural networks accuracy is poor

Hi Friends - I’m wondering how to go about creating neural networks for data based problems. I was trying my hands on with a house price prediction problem. I tried a simple, as well as few layered networks(took example from a kaggle competition kernel), but the training accuracy never gets past 1%. So I think am doing something terribly wrong. I would like to get some suggestions on how to approach these kind of problems.

Here is the github link for the notebook and data. -

Can someone pls guide me on this. Help is much appreciated.


Try watching video 4 of the new course and following the approach there.

Thanks Jeremy.

I don’t think so…
Here’s my and I am happy with my position on LB…

Let me know if you ran into some trouble on this nbs
(hadn’t made much changes to the reference notebooks though)

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I just saw this free webinar on Nueral networks and thought it might be useful :slight_smile: