Data Augmentation with Python book

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I hope you have a good day. I have been taking @jeremy class for the past four years. To say he inspired me to write this book is an understatement. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The Generative AI Press release is as follows:

In today’s world, data is power. Deep Learning and Generative AI rely heavily on the accuracy of datasets to forecast with precision. But obtaining additional data can be difficult, expensive, and impractical until now! Data Augmentation offers a practical solution by extending existing datasets economically.

Data Augmentation with Python — Enhance accuracy in Deep Learning with practical data augmentation methods for image, text, audio & tabular data, unlocking the potential of this powerful technique. Written by Duc Haba, it explores 20+ geometric, photometric, and image transformations using seven real-world datasets for image classification and segmentation. In addition, the book contains 22+ character and word techniques for text augmentation and advanced Machine Learning tech such as BERT, Transformer, and Word2Vec to extend text datasets. The audio augmentation techniques for WaveForm and Stereographic. The tabular data augmentations include the latest techniques and visualization graphs.

The book also comes packed with 150+ fully functional object-oriented code examples using real-world datasets on Jupyter Python Notebooks, ready to use right away! Plus, customized charts and infographics in full color that illustrate each step of the process clearly will help readers understand exactly how data augmentation works through visual representations. And finally, endearing Pluto— an imaginary digital Siberian Husky coding companion who helps readers stay motivated throughout their journey – provides an added boost of encouragement when needed most.

If you are looking forward to unlocking the power of data augmentation for AI projects, whether you’re a student or an experienced AI professional, get your copy preordered now at Amazon before it runs out!

Fun fact: This is the second Generative AI press release edited by a human and another AI (Grammarly). I direct the Generative AI to write with a different tone and target audience. Can you guess the different tones and target audience?

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