Dallas Fast.ai Study Group

Our meetup will be holding the next session of our Fast.ai Study Group on August 22th. If you’re interested in attending, in addition to RSVPing, kindly post to this thread. It will help give us an indication what portion of those coming are forum members.

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I will be attending. I’ve been a member of the Meetup group for some time, and just joined the fast.ai forums. I have yet to set up PyTorch on my system, but I’m planning on doing that this weekend.


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I will be attending. I am interested in learning NLP techniques using PyTorch. Currently, I am researching on Topic Modeling and would like to learn methods like LDA, LSI.

Hi Phil,
The other session was very helpful.
Looking forward to the study group.

I will be attending. Looking forward to your sessions .

I’m also interested in the Dallas Fast.ai study group.

The first session of our study group is just one week away! While future sessions will be focused exclusively on the course materials, our first session will include gathering member feedback as to the scope, frequency and duration of our first pass through the materials.

We currently have one spot available on the RSVP list. If you would like to take part in the forming of our group, I’d highly recommend either RSVP’ing or getting on the wait list!

I will be attending.
Thank you.

Great start to the study group

Hi, this is a great platform to learn about fast.ai
Looking forward to it.

Thanks to all those who came out to the inaugural session of our study group last night! Our next session will be August 9th, look forward to seeing all of you then!

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Hi Phil, discovered this group too late to join the first session, but plan to be at the next one.



No worries. The first session was largely focused on planning. We won’t actually start digging into the course materials until next session. Look forward to meeting you!

I would like to Join the study group as well. Can I sign up on the meet up link?

@xkdasari You have to join the group first, but the process can be started from the Meetup page listing the event.

Sent request to join the group in Meetup page.



I had missed the first session but I would love to attend this one. The meetup is just 5 mins walk from my work place as well.

I am confused with the meetup email. It says I am in “Applicant” state and cannot attend Meetups that are MO (Members Only). Study group meet up is MO. So what is the process to attend it? How do we go from Applicant status to Member status in the group? I RSVPed to the meeting. Let me know if I can come to the study group as it is quite a drive for me.



The full procedure for attending the study group is as follows:

  1. Apply to Join the Group
  2. Leave a Comment on the Forum (this page)
  3. RSVP to Study Group

You are all set! I have to manually update member status. Which I usually do a couple of times a week. The only problem you would run into is if you did not leave a comment before attempting to RSVP, in which case you would get dropped from the RSVP list.