Czech / Masaryk University Study Group

I have started the study group in Brno (Czech Republic). The group has ~20 members, mostly students and postdocs at the Masaryk University. Original plan was to have in-person meetings but due COVID-19, we went virtual.

The communication language will be English. If you are Brno / Czechia based, please, let me know. If you have Zoom admin license, contact me ASAP. Otherwise, I plan to re-stream the video in Google Hangouts meeting.

Due to time difference, the meeting time will be Wednesdays, 11:00-13:00 CET. See you tomorrow!

Just an update. We have 20-25 participants each session, but I have a problem to motivate people to do homeworks. Our deployed projects include

I re-stream videos through Hangout Meet, using pavucontrol to redirect audio. We use Google Docs for discussions and communication. We meet every Wednesday, 11:00-13:15 CEST, everybody is welcome (e.g. if they missed a meeting of their local study groups).