Curriculum for teaching AI/Machine Learning to High School students for free


I’ve never seen myself as a mathematically talented person even though I’ve successfully completed multiple math and statistics courses at University level with good grades. It has been very exciting to see that I can learn Deep Learning with courses despite not having a PhD or not being the greatest coder in the world as they seem to be saying all over the internet that you have to be those things to understand anything.

I’d like to thank Jeremy and Rachel for putting in the time and effort in to making Deep Learning more accessible and making it easier to learn. I have been very impressed especially with the “top down” teaching method. Thank you!

However, I see the lack of diversity, especially the lack of females, as a big problem within the field of AI. I think Artificial Intelligence is going to be the most impactful technology of our time and no technology is more reflective of its creators than AI. It is made by humans, intended to behave like humans and affect humans. Machine values are actually human values. AI is going to carry the values that matter, be it the ethics, the bias, the justice or the access. And if we don’t have all of us equally represented in the development of this technology, AI is inevitably not going to represent all of us. And I feel like it is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen.

All of this inspired me to try to do my part and I reached out for a bit of funding to be able to rent a class room for a non-profit AI/machine learning summer course for high schoolers in my home country aimed to empower, inspire and lower the barriers of entry for young people currently underrepresented in the field AI.

This course will be delivered in cooperation with my current work place, a private AI laboratory and will be free for the kids to apply and participate.

The main focus of this course will be to get the young girls and other participants excited about AI and making sure that they feel that they have gained understanding, practical skills, feel empowered and confident that they have what it takes to keep on learning and continue on their path into the field of AI and tech.

I wanted to reach out to you and ask you a couple of questions as I highly respect your expertise as well as your talent to explain difficult concepts, so that they are easier to understand.

  • If you had one week to teach high schoolers (14-16 years old) that don’t have much knowledge about AI or coding what would be the 1-3 most important concepts that you would focus on teaching them? I understand that this field is evolving so fast that I’d really like them to learn some of the key underlying concepts that probably will be useful for them in the future as well.

  • I want the course to have a practical side as well and want the problem(s) to focus on solving things that are meaningful for our society. Do you have any good public data sets or problems in mind that might be good for this?

I’m open to any other suggestions or comments as well :slight_smile:


I definitely recommend including some case studies related to AI for social good, as well as ethical issues related to AI, since I think both of these can be particularly engaging. You might also want to have students do their own projects where they research a particular AI application or AI ethical issue.

Some existing resources to check out are:

AI4ALL: read here and here (formerly SAILORS), which runs 1-3 week programs for high school students (primarily girls and other underrepresented minorities). I’ve seen some of these high school students present their work and it was awesome.

Curiosity Machine AI Challenge this is geared towards somewhat younger kids, but might be helpful to look at

Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning in a Digital World If most of your students don’t know how to code, it might be useful to incorporate some data literacy skills (which I think it’s increasingly important for everyone to have) of the kind listed here.


Thank you Rachel for your response!

I’m somewhat familiar with AI4ALL, but probably need to dig in deeper on what they are doing. The other two are completely new to me. Really fun idea to combine family and AI education. I totally agree with you that data literacy skills will come in handy for them, too!

Fantastic ! Thank you for all the resources.
We are promoting free, open source education at our academy on Saturdays ( primarily into VFX & VR education ).

I will start something based on your course and the links provided above.